The sheer force and power of Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. On this particular night the atmosphere was full of energy.  As the storm bore down, my adrenaline and heartbeat raced, and working completely on instinct, I clicked the shutter many times to capture the epic scene that unfolded before me. The difficult conditions made it expedient to only guess at the settings and hope for results.

I consummated a series of long exposures which fatefully captured the multiple lightning strikes, and at the same time enabled me to include the cloud clearing exposing the stars, only by chance being visible with the delayed exposure.

This natural drama blew me away – it felt like I was in a dream. Once again pushing myself and my camera to the limit, as the saying goes, “Success necessitates sacrifice,” the reward was a once-in-a lifetime display of the dynamism of Nature which I have never witnessed like this before, a truly unforgettable moment.


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