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Ian Ely, was born and raised in California. His fiery love for the outdoors was stoked at a very young age by wilderness camping, nature outings and road trips from California to visit family in the Midwest.

Ian says from his heart that among the many natural wonders he has perceived, the breath-taking natural beauty he experienced on multiple mountain excursions aboard a back-country steam engine train in Colorado most inspired him to pursue unbounded dreams of sharing captured, spectacular “moments in time and space” with others. Earning his first camera at age ten by selling magazines was yet another event contributing to his completed realization later in life that landscape photography was his mission, his passion, his dream.

This realization, the connection of this man with his dream was inspired by nature and encouraged by his exposure and connection with his environment.This changed his love of photography from curiosa, to interest, to limitless dreams, to passionate pursuit of perfection in his desire to share his art with others. Taught and raised with a certainty that “can’t” was a bad word, and that it only existed by a person’s decision in fact, he has thus put this into practice in life. Ian’s photography patently shows that failure to “get his shot” is not an option in his world, regardless of the elements, the logistics or apparent limitations of reality. Ian often quips, without a trace of doubt, “…Wait ’till you see what’s next!