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“It’s just perfect, it’s unbelievable.” – CS

“They’re not just pictures that you browse, they are experiences of the photographer, they are amazing…!” – GS

“It’s amazing, this place is gorgeous, the artwork just pulls you in and there is so much energy…” – LJ

“He works so hard to get that image just perfectly right. You can definitely tell in every single image that he has in here. All vibrant color, very wonderful, it’s fantastic” – SP

“This dude takes some A-maz-ing photos! You have to see them in person. So so good.” – Joe C.

“Awesome photography!” – Sherry H.

“We absolutely love this picture and can’t stop looking at it. It makes me so happy!”- Kelly K-J.

“Just hung this on our wall.. can not wait for the sun to light it up!” – Sarah C.

“Just bought this print…LOVE it! We can’t wait to see what you get in Kauai” – K. K. R.

“Beautiful! I saw your work in a San Jose art show late last year. Your work is so impressive and I loved seeing it in person”. – D. L. A.

“The pictures are beautiful and a real addition to my home. I have purchased several prints from Ian at my local art fair. His work is superb and each picture is a masterpiece.” – B.C.