“I write to thank you for your magnificent book. It is truly a marvelous body of work. You make the world a better place. Once again thank you.” – C.S. Mar 16, 2018

“My husband and I are loving Ian’s work above our mantle. Works perfectly with our mid-century knotty pine wall. I’m only part of the way through Ian’s book, but have enjoyed the visual and written journey tremendously. A few pages is my little treat after I get my 4 year old daughter down to bed each night…
Cheers” –  J.D. Feb 26, 2018

“Ian, I want to thank you so much for the Limited Edition of your book. I have started to look through it now that the move is complete (well sort of). The book is so beautiful and very much appreciated. We have received such positive feedback about the photography on display. It is certainly one, if not the most talked about aspect of the office. All the best” – G.S. Feb 1, 2018 

“I wanted to let you, and Ian, know how much my husband Mike & I love our book. I purchased it for my husband for Valentine’s Day & it was a huge hit! It’s absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of all the chats we’ve had with Ian at the San Mateo Harvest Festival. He would tell us what went into getting just the right shot for the beautiful photos that he had on display. We are lucky to own two of them. This book is a wonderful accompaniment to them. We will cherish & enjoy this new work of art for years. Thanks”M.&L. W. Feb 20, 2018

“Definitivamente conocerte fue espectacular!!! Gracias IAN”  – C.V. Apr 23, 2017

“Great Gallery experience.” – P.G. Apr 29, 2017

“Can’t wait to receive my framed photo!” –  F.L. Apr 30, 2017

“Ian has incredible talent! His photographs are amazing. Also, such a nice man with a great story! Thank you Ian!!” – H.&G.L. Apr 30, 2017

“Amazing work-the best I have ever seen, one of the pictures I purchased brought tears to my eyes. I will continue to purchase his amazing work and encourage all those I know. It was a pleasure to meet Ian and hear the passion as he spoke of his work. The best experience I have ever had in regards to dealings within the art world.” –  L.B. Apr 3, 2017

“Appreciated the patience we were given to make our decision. Owner, staff, very personable and helpful!!” –  T. & D.L. Mar 25, 2017

“Thank you Ian for your generous payment plan. I really couldn’t have bought this beautiful piece with out your help. I can’t wait to see it at home!” – D.A. Mar 17, 2017

“Great talent, Fantastic photographs, great price.”  – R.J. Feb 25, 2017

“The availability of the artist and his description of the process was amazing!! I loved the photos before the description, but the reality and effort of the recorded images are invaluable!!! Thank you.” –  K.F. Feb 24, 2017

“Great photo. We love it!”  – L.L. Feb 18, 2017

“You took the extra step to show us that you appreciated us as a potential customer. You made a nice afternoon extraordinary.” –  S.S. Jan 8, 2017

“Thank you for taking pictures with us. Good luck on your next trip!”  – S.W. Jan 15, 2017

“I really enjoyed chatting to Ian regarding the stories behind the pictures. I have never purchased any photo images from another photographer, as I am a photographer also. I knew that there was no way I could replicate this particular picture of the super moon at Hawaii and just had to have it! My wife and I wish we could have bought the next size up. Maybe next time! You are an excellent human being and we love your passion for your pictures!”  – W.K. Dec 11, 2016

“Such a talent Ian has with his photography, you can see the passion in what he does. Also very professional with his customers. Can’t wait to see that beautiful moon on my wall!!”-  L.A.C. Nov 25, 2016

“His experiences getting the amazing shot touched me. So excited to have this!”  – M.L. Nov 26, 2016

“Awesome beautiful picture. Wish I got the bigger one. But I love it.”  – S.C. Nov 19, 2016

“Ian was really cool to me and my wife at the event. We purchased 2 photos and he took the time to discuss how they were created. It’s great that he took the time to talk to us. Thanks Ian.”  – F.G. Nov 6, 2016

“Wonderful works of art! I especially enjoyed how the paper used for printing really makes Ian’s pieces pop. It was like staring at a television screen that displayed the landscapes and portraits. To sum up Ian’s work in one word, I’d say it was truly “magical”. – R.A. Oct 10, 2016

“Wonderfully vivid photography, Ian was great to work with.”  – D.K. Oct 9, 2016

“Your photography is beautiful. Very professional. I liked that you did not pressure us. Your art work did all the talking. We carefully carried our new treasure home on BART. Standing room only with people heading to the UC Berkeley football game & SF Giants game. We just put up our new artwork this evening. First ever artwork bought and 1st artwork on our walls. Thank you Ian.” –  L.Y. Sep 17, 2016

“I am enjoying my new artwork. I found the perfect place for it under my sun lights! ” – S.R. Aug 20, 2016