IAN ELY new Masterpiece- MYSTIC ISLE

“I wanted a different perspective of Crater Lake. I was looking for something out of the norm, something you haven’t seen in hundreds of photos. So I hiked from the top of the mountainside to the bottom of the water’s edge. I must have hiked for miles around the steep outer banks. I recall it snowing and being bitter cold, taking everything I had not to fall into the water.

I came upon this mystical perspective of Wizard Island and knew it was special. I felt as if I was in a dream. The fog was so heavy I could barely make out the image of the island. All I could see was the deep bluish water which seemed to disappear into the unknown. All of a sudden the fog began to lift and this obscure vision of the trees started to peek through.

I quickly set up my camera and did a few exposures not knowing how long this intersection of factors would last.

When I reflect back on this brief instant captured with my camera, a sense of peacefulness, calmness, and silence permeates within. I so look forward to learning what it does for you.”