From recent ArtWalk show featured in a La Jolla Village News article

… the most important aspect of the event for this landscape photographer is not the chance to make a profit, but the opportunity to connect with other creative minds.

“I have my own gallery in La Jolla, so my collectors and fans get to come out and meet me and talk to me, but I’m most excited about being with my fellow artist friends,” said Ely.

The fact that he has not been featured at other artist events before also makes this ArtWalk a treasured experience for Ely, allowing him to share his love for capturing the world’s most beautiful settings with not only a live audience but a larger audience than he’s ever had before.

“I love being able to explore the far ends of the world and bring the hidden, and most rare beauties to people in a picture,” said Ely. “I’m always looking for ways to expand my business and become more world-renowned.”

Ian Ely Gallery is located at: 1141 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037