Ian Ely Presents – Wy’east Awaits


There are so many great locations to shoot around Mount Hood that scouting the perfect perspective was challenging. Whenever I’m on location, I wake up with the sun, whether I can see it or not. I hiked up to this area as the sunlight was contemplating an appearance. As if on cue, the clouds opened and this epic mountain vista appeared, bathed in full sunlight. As I stood at this location, I was in complete awe of how powerful Mother Nature can be.

Standing there before me this morning, she towered 11,000 feet over this intimate valley and I so wanted to capture her always-changing view, fully tanned and shining bright like a star.

As the sun rose the wind picked up the clouds from the cold foggy evening prior and swirled and danced in the valley below, creating the magic touch that made this shot! It was just incredible how much Mother Nature can change in an instant, creating this beautiful majestic scene, then broken only by the faint sound of my shutter.