Ian Ely Proudly Unveils 3 New Releases – Diluvium, Plethora & Melodious Bliss

There is something salutary about waterfalls that fulfills your soul. The calmness, the green, and the silence. Recent rains and fall colors combined provided all the ingredients for the mood I was chasing for several days. The sky was lightly overcast that morning, preferable for shooting waterfalls which I needed to reduce contrast. I used a long exposure to capture the water movement and transform the fast-flowing falls into a dreamy curtain of liquid crystal, contrasting beautifully against the pristine forest foliage. The colors were so rich and vibrant, emphasizing this example of nature’s hidden gems as water poured down the moss-covered slopes forming perfect strands, cascading down to the aqua-blue pools below. I hope you can feel the tranquility, hear the water, and smell the fresh air as I did that morning when the magical beauty of mother nature once again left me in complete awe.