IAN ELY Proudly Unveils his latest Masterpiece – SOLILOQUY

The title of this capture is picture-perfect, for when I experienced this moment in real time, I found myself saying, this is beyond beautiful, almost dream-like, as I stood there in awe.

Seeing this old wooden rowboat, even before I clicked the shutter, I knew it was going to be magical. The simplicity, the purple-blue pastel colors, and the endless sky-mirrored water freed my spirit to a conceptual infinity. I felt I was meant to be there at that precise time, on that shore, where the sun meets the water and the earth meets the sky. It was such a simple setting, but perfect.

When viewing this image, I hope others can feel the total peacefulness and the serenity as I did. If so, I have done my job, having inspired the story.