IAN ELY’S NEW RELEASE – Vigneto Di Querce

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Every photograph begins with an idea. My goal is to always capture more than just a photograph. It’s a special feeling that I want to convey. Pushing existing agreed-upon limitations through the medium of photography always inspires and then begets innovative ways to capture the true spirit of Mother Nature.

Napa is a famous wine growing region with a landscape replete with beautiful old California Oaks and vineyards stretching for miles across rolling hills. The calm presence of Napa has spoken to me for years, and, having long searched for the perfect location representing its character and now possibly finding it, I relished the challenge.

Hoping Mother Nature would cooperate, this was the place to make this a reality. Setting up my tripod amid the vines while the golden warmth of the sun rose over the horizon, I knew I might have a short window to shoot my frames…but something was missing.

A tweak of elevation could add composition, but with no available higher ground, improvisation beckoned. An elevated vantage…maybe…maybe atop my tall van could make a world of difference.

Voila! The converging lines of the vines directed the eye directly to the focal point of the distant hills. With the added reward of this epic subsequent sunset, I felt honored to capture the total expanse of such a majestic scene and shot like a madman till total darkness.

The perfect opportunity, a creative twist, the precise moment.