IAN and his New Release EDEN VERNALIS

I spend my life on the heels of nature, chasing the majesty of the landscapes, the drama of the weather and those fleeting moments when everything comes together for the perfect shot. I’ve learned that Mother Nature knows exactly what she’s doing and I need to be ready to capture the synchronicity of her precious gifts.

Most people think of deserts as desolate, barren places, but I’ve always wanted to tell the other side of the story: the story of spring, when the landscape is transformed into a lush, abundant canvas bursting with colour and life. However I wanted to portray not only the physical vision of this beautiful desert garden, but also convey the almost spiritual presence of the landscape. For five mornings I watched and waited, trusting that Mother Nature would deliver. On the last day, as I observed the light in the sky change hue, spill into the valley and illuminate the desert floor, I knew instinctively this was my moment.

The depth and perspective give the image the timeless quality of an Old Master painting, and the distinct elements of the foreground and the sky, sliced by the jagged mountain range perfectly depict the secret life of the desert I’d been searching for.

The name comes from the Latin Vernus, and translates to ‘Paradise Garden in the Spring’ – a truly fitting description of this life-giving place.